An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance
EEMED Audition

X-MED – An Extensive Workshop in Experimental Middle Eastern Dance

Los Angeles – May 28-30, 2006
by J. Haeleigh Sun

Jareeda July/Aug 2006: 17.

As an artist, writer, and musician, X-MED helped me to take my creativity to the next level.  Prior to starting the workshop, I had completed the beginner’s level class in belly dancing with only eight classes.  It was very intimidating to be at a semi-professional level workshop but the instructors were very knowledgeable in facilitating the groups.  Knowing that incorporating beginners into such workshops be very challenging, I found the X-MED instructors, Amara (Director of Ya Helewa! and EEMED), Anaheed (Director of Perfumes of Araby), Djahari (Co-Director of Desert Sin), and Sa’ Elayssa (Co-Director of Desert Sin) to be very skilled in all areas: technique, creativity, delivery of material, application, and overall facilitation.  My only regret is that the length of the workshop was too short!

The performance with question and answer sessions to close out the evening were especially inspiring.  Each unique piece revealed the psyche of the dancer and drew the audience into a realm of pathos that was sublime that one can only experience it by being there.

This workshop comes with highest recommendations for it helped me to redefine my definition of creativity by having me go beyond my boundaries and pushing forth to make necessary changes and expansions.  Coming back into the real world after this workshop has given more a stronger resolve to become a better dancer but more importantly, really pursue all my artistic endeavors from the heart.  I know my violin will sing with songs from the heart, my writing will be able to draw landscapes, and my artwork will take on a life of its own.  My dancing has become more than a dance but has become a language that will help me to further express myself.  The discovery of these “tools” and the workshop sessions throughout the weekend on how to maximize their utilization is a gift of a lifetime I will cherish forever.  There could not have been a better catalyst for the growth spurt of my creativity than X-MED.